Donnie Darko
Simply Great Movie

I warn you that this movie is not for everyone. It's the type of movie where if you get it, you love it but if you don't get it, it will be extremely boring. I love the whole movie as it is witty and funny as well as deep and meaningful. My advice is to watch the DVD as the extra scenes create a fuller, more complete movie. I wish they had made an extended version DVD with the extra scenes in it. What I find the best in this movie is the ending. It isn't hollywood but its not right out of left field either. One of the smartest endings I've ever seen. The whole movie is excellent and suggest that everyone gives it a go. It takes a few viewings to get the whole thing but well worth it.

TotalMix - The Complete Total Body Workout System


War and Remembrance - Volume 1
That movie is the best that I ever seen.

This is a very true movie. The Concentration camp images were very terrifiants and because I know that all of these crimes were happened, it was a very realistic experience.

12 Monkeys
Get Dolby Digital than DTS version

If you like movie this is the one you will definitely love torrent. Plot, acting, and directing are just PERFECT. Only one thing I regret is that I got DTS my first time version. There are no extras i.e. Comments and Making of Movie in DTS format. Buy DTS only if you are extremely sensitive to audio and have excellent audio system..

Before Sunset
Romantic sequel reunites lovers

Richard Linklater's films contain some of the best dialogue I've ever heard on screen e.g. Dazed and Confused, Waking Life, and this is one of his best. Unlike most sequels, this one is actually as good as the original, Before Sunrise, which is an accomplishment in itself. Both of these films capture an intense connection between two people that is romantic, intellectual and life-altering. Before Sunrise is about two young people, Jesse Ethan Hawke and Celine Julie Delpy, who meet and fall in love aboard a train in Europe. After spending one very intense day together, they part and promise to meet later in Vienna. That film ends with the future of their relationship left uncertain. Now, nine years later, Before Sunset brings them back together. Jesse has written a book based on their encounter, and Celine shows up at his book signing in Paris. They walk around the city and discuss everything from politics to religion to their love lives.

In most romantic movies, the dialogue consists of clever or funny words that the characters use to seduce each other and the audience. In this film, however, like its predecessor, these people actually have ideas about life, society and other things that stray beyond the scope of most popular entertainment. This will make the film tedious to some. Yet Before Sunset rises above the limits of some dialogue-centered films, which often come across as stage plays. The variety of issues that Jesse and Celine discuss, the way their moods shift, and the scenic background provided by the city combine to create a depth that prevents the film from being simply "talky." More importantly, the actors do a superb job in building emotional tension as the conversation slips gradually from general topics into the characters' intense feelings for each another, which they are at first reluctant to reveal. Before Sunset has a focus that is very specific regarding two people but also very insightful about universal concerns. Both Hawke and Delpy give extremely natural performances; they, along with Linklater, are credited with writing the screenplay, which I suspect was partly improvised. I especially liked the ending, which is both perfect and avoids being a cliche, no small feat in a romance.

Firefly - The Complete Series
One of the Best Christmas Presents Ever

I asked my wife to give me this DVD set for Christmas emule. I missed the series completely when it aired, but I read an interview with Joss Whedon in which he said this was one of the best things he ever did and, knowing the quality of his work, I wanted to give it a try. I sat down on Sunday after Christmas and started watching the two-part pilot. My wife, who is not a big sci-fi fan, started watching about half way in. After it was over, she said, "Let's watch another one." We watched two more. That night we started watching again about 9 and watched 'til 1:30 am. I can't think of any movie or TV series we have enjoyed more. There is a real sense of loss, however, when we think we may not get to follow these characters further into the future. If you love great characters, great stories, real humor and fabulous settings you cannot go wrong with Firefly. Give it to a friend...and that includes yourself..

Iron & Silk
The Many Sides of China

Here is a story that will charm and captivate you. A young American, who has been fascinated by and studied Chinese martial arts and the Chinese language, goes to China to teach English and discover what the country and its people have to teach him. Like all foreigners, he encounters roadblocks - the officials who invent regulations, the unwanted attention whenever he goes anywhere in public, the demands on his time and attempts to control his behavior - but Salzman does little more than mention these annoyances. His real story has to do with how the Chinese respond to his curiosity and desire to learn while he is in their country.
One by one teachers appear and agree to take him under their wings. There is a Chinese literature teacher, a calligraphy master, and most important of all a series of wushu martial arts instructors, each with a different view of and approach to his discipline. In addition, you will be treated to Salzman's amusing and occasionally deeply touching moments of interaction with people of all kinds. There are the fishermen who try to persuade him to live with them on their boats, his extraordinarily shy medical students, the scholar who translates English books into Chinese, and the young 11-year old boy who has run away from home. From each encounter Salzman comes away with a gem of insight, a hilarious story to tell or a puzzling problem to ponder. By the time to book comes to a close you too will have come to appreciate and marvel at the diversity and depth of the Chinese people.

Outfoxed - Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
Thank god somebody's finally saying something

It's not just that Fox News is a mouthpiece for the Republican Party ed2k. It's not just that each day's programming is designed to put forth Bush administration's talking points du jour. It's not just that they bully and muzzle anyone who comes on their show with an opposing - or even moderate viewpoint. These are just givens. What's so infuriating is that on top of all that they have the gall to present themselves as objective as infamously "fair and balanced." As news. God help us if that's news. Has the country finally arrived at the point where we can no longer distinguish between news and obvious propaganda Yeah, I know - yes we have.

Anyway I'm grateful to the makers of this documentary for doing a long-needed critique of Fox's methods. It's straightforward and penetrating.


Oswald - Welcome to Big City
Liz - An Older Oswald Fan

Okay, I admit it I am a 23-year old fan of Oswald because the colors are calm with no harsh bold outlined characters, the voices are soothing w an exception to Henry the penguinDavid The stories are cheesy w Oswald's weiner dog being named...Weenie any similarity to Winnie from "The Wonder Years"...hmm. I am a huge fan of Fred Savage and he really brings out a soft-hearted octopus to life with bizarre adventures and a collection of silly songs that are sure to stick in your head. I highly recommend Oswald to all babysitters out there, as not only the younger kids will love the characters & stories, but you may find yourself entranced with the imaginative world of Nickelodeon's Oswald.


This movie is an excellent example of how a comedy should work, story structure to punchlines and memorable characters. Ben Stiller adds a wonderful presence to this film as well as the writing and pacing. As a film maker I consider this a classic.

Ever since I was a Child...

When I was 4 years old I was introduced to this Jim Henson classic. Ever since then I have loved this wonderful movie of fairy tale and fantasy. Bowie plays a wonderful role as Jareth, the Goblin King. His mysterious glare gives him both the hip rocker look that would attrack a young audience director Jim Henson was looking for, and the evil appeal needed for his role. I was walking through Wal-Mart the other day when I saw this Masterpiece on DVD and snagged it while I could. The special features were bland but the Making of was a real treat. Hopefully there are others out there sharing the same interest I do in this film.

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